Dealing In Dreams by Lilliam Rivera

Dealing In Dreams by Lilliam Rivera


The Belles meets Mad Max: Fury Road in this dystopian novel where girl gangs rule the streets of Mega City and sixteen-year old Nalah would do anything for her friends and fellow gang members, but what happens when her loyalty to her crew puts her relationship with her actual sister at stake?

Las Mal Criadas is the fiercest all-girl crew in Mega City -- the only kind of crew allowed. And Nalah is the leader, hoping to get them to the elusive but in reach Mega Towers, where they'd be the premier bodyguards and warriors of their society. But when they get their chance, Nalah has to prove her loyalty by crossing the border and find the mysterious Ashe Riders. But the closer she gets to her goal, the less sure she is that achieving it is what she really wants. How much is she willing to sacrifice?

Lilliam Rivera shows off her sharp sense of humor, heart, and worldbuilding in Dealing in Dreams. The bold, unforgettable characters and the action-packed plot is sure to please any reader looking for their next girl-kicking-butt post-apocalyptic thriller.

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