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Adult Coloring & Multidisciplinary Art Showcase with Yandeh Sallah-Muhammed

  • Duende District @ A Creative DC: Brookland Pop-Up 716 Monroe Street NE, Studio 8 Washington, D.C. USA (map)

Join us for a talk & interactive art event with Yandeh Sallah-Muhammed, creator of adult coloring book, African Guardians. Yandeh will speak about their art and experiences creating African Guardians, as well their art print series “Out of Africa,” lead a coloring session with a special Duende District edition drawing, and perform African artist music from their tribe.


Yandeh Sallah-Muhammed is a multinational interdisciplinary artist creating a cultural dialogue using various forms of media to build awareness for minority communities with emphasis on indigenous communities on a global perspective, Ai Wei Wei, Faith47, Rumi, Soraya Syed and Salvador Dali are all sources of inspiration for the artist. They focus on cultural preservation, eco-accountability and de-colonization in the mind, centers of education and our government systems.


Their work has been featured in festivals of various disciplines – from their performance art as their stage alias, Rivolta Sata, to their artwork in numerous art shows and their protest work for marches internationally. They currently have a color book series highlighting various ethnic groups throughout the African continent. They are also working on a video project looking at indigenous communities in Africa and how they thrive and survive in the face of neo-colonization & modernization in Africa.