People of Color Helping Change the Book Industry

Duende For All was founded and is run by people of color in the book in industry. Our mission is to provide a highly accessible platform/space for our community of PoC book people to connect, learn about and uplift each other. We are compiling a comprehensive database of booksellers, publishers, bloggers, podcasts, YouTube channels, etc. and will promote PoC authors with book reviews by booksellers of color. 

We plan to offer a weekly email newsletter spotlighting a PoC author, bookseller, or social media personality. We will also collect and distribute reviews of books by authors of color written by booksellers of color. As both a tool for bookstores nationwide to diversify their stock and add confidence to their individual handselling, Duende For All will increase the reach of authors of color into areas with traditionally limited access to multicultural communities.   

Duende For All is a network of book professionals and book lovers of color to support and lend exposure to their work in the industry. The more people of color we bring into the book industry at all levels, the more books by people of color we can help get published and into customers' hands!